So, they set about creating what we call next generation menopause care. That’s smart, data-driven ways to use technology, science and evidence-backed natural approaches and access medical advice to better support women and help you discover yourself again. Why are we different? Simply because we are here for women from day one – we’re a brand that focuses on perimenopause and we are passionate about this as we know that women who take action early in their journey will have better outcomes. Just like the women we support we are continuing to evolve, sharing insight and menopause knowledge to deliver the most innovative care in the market whatever a woman’s menopause stage, symptoms, severity, budget or personal preferences.

The research we’ve done with women has helped us understand just how complex menopause experiences and symptoms can be. We think the biopsychosocial model approach – looking at the biological (body), psychological (mind) and social (lifestyle) – is a helpful way to discuss what’s changing, the help and expertise that’s available, and the products some women find useful.

Menopause can have an impact on so many levels. By empowering women to consider body, mind and lifestyle –and giving them the tools to improve their experience – we hope to really change lives for the better.

Our mission is simple – to revolutionise the way women access the best advice and cutting-edge solutions to improve their health.