The ultimate guide to taking supplements: Tips for maximum benefits

The ultimate guide to taking supplements: Tips for maximum benefits

Taking dietary supplements can be an effective way to fill nutritional gaps, support your overall health, and target specific health goals. However, to maximise the benefits of supplements, it’s good to follow best practices for their consumption.

Here’s our comprehensive guide to help you get the most out of your supplements.

1. Take supplements in the morning

Generally, it’s best to take your supplements in the morning. This practice ensures you benefit from the nutrients throughout the day. Some of the Health & Her range suggest taking 2 capsules per day, in which case take one in the morning and one mid-day to ensure the nutrients release throughout the course of the day. This is particularly important when helping to support energy levels.

If you struggle to remember to take multiple capsules/pills throughout the day it's OK to take them all in the morning

However, always follow the specific instructions on your supplement packaging, as some supplements, such as those designed for better sleep, should be taken at night.

2. Tag your supplement taking onto an existing routine

Try and take your supplements as part of an existing daily routine, for example when you eat breakfast, after you clean your teeth or when you sit down to work, and it will make it much easier to remember to take them. 

It may also help to keep a bottle in your car, handbag or desk to make sure there's no excuse not to take them.

3. Pair supplements with food

Taking supplements with food enhances nutrient absorption. Consuming your supplements alongside a meal can help your body effectively absorb the vitamins and minerals. Even with high-quality supplements, like those from Health & Her, taking them with food provides an extra boost in absorption efficiency.

4. Avoid caffeine with your supplement

Caffeine can interfere with the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals. Additionally, taking herbal supplements with hot water can diminish their potency. To ensure maximum effectiveness, avoid washing down your supplements with coffee, tea or other caffeinated beverages.

5. Be patient and consistent

Supplements can vary in how quickly they produce noticeable effects. Some may show benefits shortly after you start taking them, while others may take longer. This variation depends on the specific nutrient and your individual needs. If you are severely deficient in a particular nutrient, it may take longer to restore optimal levels compared to someone with a mild deficiency. Typically, you should take a supplement for at least 12 weeks to evaluate its effectiveness fully. Most supplements are designed for long-term use, but always check the packaging for specific directions.

6. Consult with Your GP

Before starting any new supplement regimen, it's a good idea to inform your GP or healthcare provider. While they may not be experts in nutrition or supplements, keeping them informed ensures that your supplement use is safe and that it doesn’t interact with any medications you may be taking.

Additional Tips for Supplement Success

  • Choose High-Quality Supplements: Opt for supplements from reputable brands, such as Health & Her to ensure you are getting pure and effective products.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking plenty of water can help your body process and absorb supplements more effectively.
  • Monitor Your Health: Keep track of any changes in your health. Apps such as the FREE Health & Her App, can help you track your experiences on a daily basis to see how your body and emotions may be effected by your supplement intake. If you are experiencing any negative changes discuss them with your healthcare provider. 
  • Read Labels Carefully: Pay attention to serving sizes, ingredient lists, and any additional recommendations provided on the supplement packaging.

By following these tips, you can enhance the effectiveness of your supplements and support your health goals more efficiently. Remember, while supplements can be beneficial, they should complement a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, not replace them.

For more information on supplements and health tips, visit Health & Her, where you can find a wide range of high-quality products designed to support your well-being.


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