Taking the pressure off this Christmas

How to survive Christmas with menopause

As the year comes to an end it’s time to fess up. I don’t like Christmas. There. I’ve said it. For as long as I can remember Christmas has rarely been something I look forward to, or even get...


12 Useful gift ideas for menopause this Christmas

Menopause can be a challenging time for women experiencing the extraordinary changes that come as a result of declining hormone levels. But while the array of physical and psychological symptoms...

Natural November

Natural November

When you're thinking about managing your menopause naturally, it can often be a challenge to understand where to start, especially if you're feeling alone in your struggle. That's why this month...


October is World Menopause Awareness Month

October is menopause awareness month, and this year we're looking to raise awareness around perimenopause - the transitional period into menopause, while highlighting the importance of research,...

Mother and daughter embracing

How to talk to your teenagers about perimenopause and menopause

July saw a rare breakthrough in menopause – the topic will now be added to secondary school sex and relationship lessons in the UK curriculum. Education secretary Damian Hinds agreed that...


Your Ultimate Guide to Menopause Supplements

What are the most helpful menopause supplements? Do they really work? Health & Her’s supplements expert Shona Wilkinson is a registered nutritionist, and regularly appears on TV and in the...


Invisible Women

Do you sometimes feel like no-one see you? Gilly Woo does. And she’s got a lot to say to you. Yes, you. The knowing, kind, caring, wise you. The one with so much to give, love and celebrate......


Menopause for Men – Ruth Devlin’s whistle stop tour of the menopause…

Are the men in your life utterly clueless when it comes to menopause matters? Wish they could walk a day in your shoes (without a fan)? Share Ruth Devlin’s funny guide and help the chaps close to...


The bliss of your female friends

‘The deepest principle of human nature is the craving to be appreciated’ – William James. Don’t worry, the irony of starting a column about the bliss of female friends with a quote by a man...


Whoever stole my body, please return it immediately

The time has come for drastic action. Emigration to the Southern Hemisphere is my only hope. Either that or adopt the posture of a pipistrelle bat. Both drastic, both necessary. You see, I’ve...