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Julie Dennis

Menopause Coach and Trainer

Julie Dennis is a Menopause Coach and Trainer who works with organizations across the UK to introduce menopause as an inclusive topic, and improve the experience of women working through menopause.

Prior to working in the health and wellness field Julie was employed in a variety of corporate roles spanning executive search, management consultancy and the mining industry – so she really understands where employers are coming from. However, having undergone a hysterectomy in her early 30s, Julie has a wealth of empathy and practical knowledge to share to help women help themselves.

The powerful combination of her personal experience of menopause and business background means she is ideally placed to understand both the needs of mid-life female employees and the needs of businesses of all shapes and sizes. She offers workshops, webinars, policy support, coaching and consultancy to:

    • Introduce menopause as an inclusive topic to raise awareness across the whole organization.
    • Equip female employees with a range of strategies for managing symptoms like hot flashes, poor sleep, brain fog, fatigue and anxiety both at work and at home.
    • Ensure all line managers understand the potential impact of menopause in the workplace and are educated with regards to employment law and reasonable adjustments.
    • Encourage those suffering with menopause symptoms to become more confident in asking for support and reasonable adjustments so they can continue to be successful and productive in their roles.
    • Reduce any menopause-related presenteeism, absenteeism and increase job satisfaction.

Personally speaking, she has experienced menopause managed with and without HT (hormone therapy), and can really empathize with women’s’ experiences, and provide practical advice that’s tried and tested:

“I started HT in my early 30s, and after extensive research I took the big decision to wean myself off HT and manage my menopause symptoms naturally. But those symptoms hit me like a truck.

“Mood swings made it difficult to manage client and personal relationships. Hot flashes in public mortified me and the night sweats and broken sleep left me too exhausted to think straight or work smart the next day. Brain fog meant I struggled to remember people’s names, articulate clearly or problem solve.

“I really felt like I was losing my mind. However, gradually I was able to put in place the changes that enabled me to get back on track with my health – changes to the way I eat, drink, move and think. Difficulty sleeping earlier this year has resulted in me resuming a low dosage HT, and that’s part of the journey too. It’s all about finding your personal balance – the combination that works for you.”

Three things Julie wants you to know as you approach menopause:

  1. Not everyone experiences severe symptoms and in fact approximately 1 in 5 women won’t notice any symptoms at all.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of talking. Sharing how you feel with your partner, friends or colleagues will immediately make you feel less alone.
  3. Your body’s changing and in order to manage any symptoms you will need to make some changes too.

Publications, qualifications and awards

  • Author of ‘The Hot flush Freedom Challenge’
  • Nutritionist and personal trainer
  • Level 4 qualified PT
  • City & Guilds Introduction to Trainer Skills


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