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Jane Dowling

Clinical Exercise Practitioner, Health Professional and Menopause Advocate.

“I use my my own experience of menopause, which has been tough, along with 25 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry to help you find your fabulous again. ”

Jane is a clinical exercise specialist with over 20 years experience. She has extensive experience working with older adults suffering with heart disease and osteoporosis, which fuels her passion to educate younger women on how to take preventative measures.

Personally, she has experienced many hormonal changes over the last few years that have affected many aspects of her life. She combines her experience of menopause and experience as a coach to help women navigate through menopause and to come out the other side using her award-winning menopause advocacy and advice blog, Meno&Me.

Three things Jane wants you to know as you approach menopause:

    • It’s vital to learn about heart disease prevention, and understand the steps you need to take to be fit, healthy and enjoy life.
    • You’re at a higher risk of osteoporosis – but prevention is possible, and there are easy steps to take to look after your bone health long-term.
    • It’s really important to educate yourself and be aware of all the menopause symptoms including – mental health awareness – at an earlier age. If only we all were taught this at school!


  • PT award YMCA
  • BACR Phase IV Cardiac
  • Postural Stability
  • Dr Dawn Skelton Later Life Training
  • General Practitioner referral scheme for Later Life Training
  • Burrell Education 3rd Life


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